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I feel part of the universe open up to meet me
My emotion so submerged broken down to kneeling

Had to somehow greet myself greet myself
Heard vibrations within my cells in my cells

My love is saved for the universe see me now I’m bursting
On one planet so many turns different worlds

Fill my heart with discipline put there for the teaching
In my head see clouds of stairs help me as I’m reaching

The future’s paved with better days.

— Eddie Vedder - Better Days (via hotyogaparadise)

When I understand myself, I understand you, and out of that understanding comes love. Love is the missing factor; there is a lack of affection, of warmth in relationship; and because we lack that love, that tenderness, that generosity, that mercy in relationship, we escape into mass action which produces further confusion, further misery. We fill our hearts with blueprints for world reform and do not look to that one resolving factor which is love.

— Krishnamurti (via thecalminside)

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Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"If people but knew their own religion,
how tolerant they would become,
and how free from any grudge against
the religion of others.”

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They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together.
They alone are called husband and wife, who have One Light in two bodies.

— Guru Amar Das (via santmat)

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Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio on their honeymoon in Japan, February 1954.


Depression is stupid and not a thing that makes me a better writer. One time I went a whole year without writing and I stayed in bed and drank. Fuck your Bukowskisms. I want sunlight and love and running down some street I’ve never been on where it’s warm and cool at the same time and I’m smiling. I want nothing to ever be bad again- and I don’t mean that I want a life free of conflict, I mean that I want a life free of meaningless conflict. Not being able to will oneself to take a shower or leave the house is meaningless. There is nothing to be gained, no lesson to be learned from that kind of life. My heart is stale, my prose is stale. Give me fire if you want to hurt me. Give me something I can taste. There’s nothing romantic or mysterious about where I am. There’s nothing here worth holding onto.

By Joshua Espinoza  (via quibbler)

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pretty much

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•Remember, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Not even yourself. That’s your ego saying nothing valuable• #QOTD #Wordofthenight #Hotyoga ✌️ #Day15 #LoveyaAngie😘 (at Moksha Yoga Calgary)

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